Tony’s Chocolonely Sea Salted Caramel 180g


Creamy milk chocolate chock full with crunchy caramel bits and a hint of sea salt. With a bright orange wrapper and satisfying crunch, it’s no wonder this is Tony’s most popular bar in their native Netherlands.
The uneven pieces of each bar represent inequality of the cocoa trade. Through direct long-term relationships with cocoa farmers in Ghana and Ivory Coast, Tony’s Chocolonely is on a mission to build a 100% slave-free chocolate industry. Honest, transparent and scrumptious chocolate sourced at a fair price. Check out their website to learn more about their mission and continued efforts to better the working conditions of chocolate farmers.

Ingredients: sugar*, whole milk powder, cocoa butter*, cocoa mass*, pieces of caramel (10% — sugar, glucose syrup, cream, butter), sea salt, soy lecithin. *Fairtrade. Minimum 32% cocoa solids. Contains: milk (including lactose) and soy. May contain peanuts and traces of gluten, eggs, and nuts. 

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