Sago Pearls

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Sago is a type of starch taken very carefully from the centre of different types of tropical palm stems. It is naturally full of carbohydrates and provides an abundance of energy therefore is a fantastic, low fat, wholesome ingredient for cooking dishes such as Indian cuisine.

Sago seeds, or sago pearls, are similar to tapioca pearls and can often be confused as the same product. However, Sago is extracted from the centre, or the pith of tropical plants and tapioca comes from the root of the plant, both have a soft, light and chewy texture. It is naturally low in fat and can be used in a variety of different ways. If you find yourself wondering just how to cook sago pearls, they can be prepared in a similar way to that of rice by boiling and stirring every ten minutes. So if you like giving new, trendy ingredients a go, we can highly recommend trying sago seeds for dishes such as curries and sago puddings for the whole family.

  • Easy to prepare and cook for a variety of dishes both savory and sweet
  • Naturally low in fat and easy to digest
  • Can be a great source of fibre
  • Great in soups, puddings, curries, cakes and even bubble tea!
  • Often referred to as sago seeds, sago pearls or tapico pearls

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Cooking Instructions

1. Add to pan of boiling water 2. Cover and boil on a medium heat for 30 minutes. Stir every 10 minutes. 3. Turn the heat off. For better results, let the sago pearls remain in the cooking pot until it reaches room temperature.


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