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Rogan Josh Indian Cooking Sauce

Truly luxury sauces that are amongst the best in the world.

Real Organic Exotic Rogan Josh Indian Cooking Sauce with cardamom, cumin and garam masala.

Our Organic Indian Cooking Sauces are wonderfully spiced to create delicious meals with fish, meat or vegetables.



Water, Onions*, Tomatoes*, Tomato Puree*, Sugar*, Spices*, Sea Salt, Vegetable Bouillon*, Coriander Leaf*, Garam Masala*, Sunflower Oil*, Corn Flour*, Lemon Juice Conc*, Citric Acid.
*Organically Grown

Cooking Suggestions

Lamb Rogan Josh: Heat a little oil in a pan. Add lean diced lamb and sear for 1 to 2 minutes. Pour contents of jar over lamb, bring temperature up to a gentle simmer and cover. Continue to simmer gently for 25 minutes or until lamb is cooked through. Serve on a bed of freshly prepared pilau or plain rice with REAL NATURAL Mango chutney.

Aubergine Rogan Josh: Slice aubergine into 1cm slices, brush with oil, grill until golden. Chop into pieces and add to pre-heated sauce. Simmer for 3 minutes and serve as above.

Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans.

All our Indian sauces are suitable for vegetarians, whilst the Rogan Josh and Jalfrezi Sauces are suitable for vegans. The sauces are also low in fat and are suitable for a gluten free diet.

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