Natures Path Organic Choco Chimps


EnviroKidz was born out a desire to bring yummy organic food to youngsters everywhere. With the whole grain goodness parents want and a tasty serving of kid appeal it’s easy for kids young and old to fall for our range of delicious organic and gluten free breakfast cereals.With no artifical flavours colours or preservatives Envirokidz is a bowl of wonderful organic goodness perfect for your little ones. Always Leave the Earth Better Than You Found It. Nature’s Path has been living by this mission passed down from founder Arran Stephen’s father for more than 30 years. Inspired by his father’s organic fruit farm Arran’s life journey took many intriguing twists and turns before he ended up in Vancouver where he and his wife Ratana launched Nature’s Path and became vocal pioneers for the organic foods movement. Grown from a small-scale operation making cereal in the back of a restaurant to an international organic food brand Nature’s Path is fueled by the desire to make delicious organic food and to make a difference in the world. It puts its money where its heart is: mission oriented initiatives like becoming zero waste converting more farms to organic and reducing packaging. A family-run company with two generations currently working at Nature’s Path the company is fiercely independent and intends to stay that way! It has become an ambitious safe haven from big corporate ‘cutting corners’ thinking. Recipes are assembled on the simple non-negotiable notion of what works best as opposed to price and they are increasingly inspired by superfoods like chia flax hemp and ancient grains. Nature’s Path products are ‘free from’ but filled with great tasting and nutritious grains and seeds. And all of Nature’s Path’s products are OF & G Organic because the company believes organic foods are healthier for people and the planet. The organic approach reduces overall exposure to toxic chemicals while providing the foundation for healthy crops and a livelihood for good stewards of the land.

Part of the product range ‘Envirokidz’.

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