Love Leaf Tea, Loose Tea – Blue Mango

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PLEASE NOTE: Tea is very light.

Blue Mango

Green Tea with Pineapple.

This is what you could call an Exotic Blend. Fresh, springy, zingy, and tingly. With hints of pineapple and mango to give you that fresh feeling, after a pot of this you’ll be feeling anything but blue.

 Despite its many health benefits, green tea can be something of an acquired taste. And not everyone enjoys drinking the pure stuff. Enter Blue Mango: the skeptic’s way to enjoy a daily dose of that mighty green nectar!


  • Natural dried pineapple
  • Mallow flowers
  • Natural flavours.

How to brew the perfect cup of Blue Mango Green Tea
1 flat teaspoon of Green Tea per cup. Steep for 2-3 minutes at 75°-80° C.

Green Tea

Prevent and ease Arthritis. Help to lower cholesterol. Helps with diabetes. Help keep away flu. Boosts the immune system. Natural source of zinc. Contains no calories. Important source of vitamins and minerals including vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and vitamin B6. Increases the body’s metabolic rate which aids weight loss.

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