Ecolifestyle Beeswax Wrap on a Roll


X1 33cm x 1 Meter Roll of Beeswax Wrap

Tips to preserve your Beeswax Wrap! 
Hand wash your Beeswax Food Wrap with cold water and alcohol-free soap. The beeswax coating will become stiff, providing you with a stable surface to clean. The wrap washes like a plate and can handle a light scrub with a gentle dishcloth or sponge.

Tips to preserve our world! 
Get plastic out of your life! Break the habit and ban plastic from your daily life. More than 1.2 billion metres, equating to 745,000 miles of cling film, is used by households across Britain every year – enough to go around the circumference of the world 30 times over. Like plastic bags, cling film that ends up in the sea is easily confused for jellyfish by marine animals and chokes turtles and other creatures that feed on them.

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