BBQ Almonds

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Almonds are ‘eye-shaped’ and 20-30mm in length, they have a rich auburn-brown colour
skin textured with a grain which runs the length of the nut. They have a fine and even
coating of a red/brown seasoning which appears dusty but smooth. Internally they are a
creamy white colour. They should be of the correct grade and size, free from mould and

in descending
of weight
Roasted Almonds 95%, Smoky
BBQ Seasoning (Sugar, Salt,
Yeast Extract Powder, Smoked
Sugar, Yeast Powder, Onion
Powder, Wheat Flour (Fortified),
Smoked Water, Acid: Citric Acid
E330, Barley Malt Flour, Natural
Colour (Paprika Extract
E160c)), Glazing Agent: Gum

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