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Planning Our Future & Rewarding Our Customers.

The food industry can be harsh and frustrating. Those producing food aren’t always the ones selling the food. Those selling the food often don’t pay what they agreed they would, to the farmers. Producers are in such a fast moving industry that by the time their products come to market, demand may have increased or […]

A Zero Waste Christmas my way.

I have lot’s of children and Christmas should be all about the children but on this zero waste journey, I seem to feel a little deflated. So here’s how I’m doing it! The shops are full of endless tat, money is tight anyway and then throwing Christmas into the mix, all whilst trying to create […]

Why Organic?

When you take a look around our little store, you may notice that many of our products are organic. We do offer a non-organic products as well but for us our mission has always been about sustainability and protecting our environment. When selecting products

Recycling with Eco Freaks Emporium

Whilst we still encourage people to refuse, reduce and reuse before they recycle sometimes we still have the opportunity to deal with the problems and items already in the system. We have teamed up with Terracycle and become a collection point. The schemes we have chosen also help raise money for causes and since we […]