Portsmouth Guildhall – Sunday 11th August 2019 10:30- 16:30

Guildhall Square, PO1 2AB Portsmouth

Being a little more eco friendly can be super easy and lots of fun. This show will be showcasing some of the best products and businesses about.

Eco friendly, sustainable, vegan, veggie, organic, locally sourced, Fair Trade, zero waste and reusable items and brands will be here.
Workshops, talks, tasters and demos. Throughout the day.




Children under the age of 16 years are Free and do not require a ticket.

£15 VIP ENTRY – ADVANCE SALE ONLY – VIP includes a goody bag, product samples, discounts and fast track entry. BOOK ONLINE NOW.

Who’s there and What’s one?


Any Green will do
A British online shop where you can buy a multitude of environmentally friendly products.Whether you are looking to reduce plastic, chemicals, no animal testing. Its all here. Website: anygreenwilldo.co.uk Facebook: @anygreenwilldo
NOVEM & Fox –
Novem&fox is an apparel company with a big vision, we aim to provide our customers with high quality, eco-friendly clothing items. Here at Novem&fox we want to make a difference and that’s why for each design we launch we will be choosing an animal or conservation charity to support. We will then donate 10% of our profits in this time to the chosen charity.
As part of our vision we hope to create a brand where our customers are happy in the knowledge that every item we offer is of high quality and has a low environmental impact, that’s why wherever possible we chose garments, accessories and packaging that reduces environmental impact and is sourced ethically. We will always make our environmental credentials very clear, even if occasionally products don’t quite meet the standard we hope for!
WEBSITE: novemandfox.co.uk
Facebook: noveandfox
Ngozi Sews-
Make reusable your thing.
Reusable cloth menstrual pads and plastic free alternatives.
Website: allgoodthingseco.co.uk
Facebook: ngozisews
Refill and Replenish-
Are you ready to live a life with less plastic? Alice and Laura are two ladies with a passion for the environment who want to change the impact of plastic waste locally and on a global scale .
With this in mind and desperate to make a difference we have joined forces to create Refill and Replenish, Hampshire’s first mobile plastic-free shop.
At Refill & Replenish we believe that you can live a life with less plastic. We provide a convenient and caring service that helps our customers reduce their waste without compromising quality.
We will be starting small by attending local markets with the long term goal to provide a service throughout Hampshire.
Website: refillandreplenish.co.uk
Facebook: @refillandreplenish.
Revive and Revolve-
Sewing and alterations textile business.
Revive and Revolve is passionate about sustainable living and the daily choices we make. The 4 R’s Repair, Refill, Recycle, Reduce. What can we all do in life to live more responsibly and Reuse what we can.
Facebook: @reviveandrevolve
Tops Day Nurseries: Lakeside-
13 years ago we opened our doors for children and their families. We have delivered child care to many wonderful families over the years helping the children develop and grow to be ready for the big school.
For all these years, we have created a fun and secure place to learn. A place where children can create friendships, read, paint, make lots of different marks, be imaginative, jump, build, sing and simply have lots of fun.
Our rooms are regularly transformed using different themes based on the children’s interest.
This nursery is part of a group that provides the most eco-sustainable childcare and education in the UK, being respectful of the environment and acting to reduce, re-use and recycle resources is an important part of the culture and routine for the children and staff.


Charity: £75 2mx2m space includes 1x 6ft table and a chair if required

Business stalls: £120 2mx2m spaces includes 1x 6ft table and chair if required

Catering: £230 4m x2m space includes 2x 6ft tables and chairs if required. Electricity Included