December 28, 2021 By admin Off

It’s been proven time and time again that cutting out animal products and eating a plant based diet can seriously make a huge impact on the planet. We aren’t all vegans here at Eco Freaks, as we’ve said before; we are all on our own journey. That doesn’t mean we aren’t here to try giving it a go and helping you make switches where you can.

Throughout January we’ll be giving out recipes, doing deals, hosting some quick cooking videos and showing you some vegan hacks. What’s more, we are also introducing our Vegan menu into Gosport’s tea room and some take-away goodies for Havant.

If you didn’t read already, Eco Freaks is working towards our 5 star organic menu with the soil association. That means in our entire menu we have to use 95% or above of certified organic ingredients, talk about an added bonus, right?

We’d love to hear from you about any tips, pictures or knowledge that you’ve learnt on your vegan journey.

– Written by Chloe Cobb