Why did the advent Calendar go quiet?

December 26, 2021 By admin Off

I’m a tragic case when it comes to updating information; it is one of my many struggles of how my mind works. Fortunately, not only have we now taken on some new staff who are going to help me with the social media platforms, I’ve made it my mission to find a way, at my age, to retrain my brain to get organised.  

Between the 16th and the 24th December 2021, we didn’t announce any more advent calendar doors had been opened and that’s because we decided, as a company to give back.

Here’s what we did:

  • For every customer who purchased something between 16th-24th December, we planted trees. The amount totalled to over 2 forests’ worth, with 2255 new Croton Machrostachyus trees, given life in Mau Region, Kenya.
  • We then decided to get right behind organic farmers for 2022, in continuing to support those small farmers, cutting out the middle man and giving a fair price for high quality products.

We backed 19 organic farmers.

We sponsored the following organic growth with farmers in Europe with – 2 pistachio trees, 1 almond tree, 3 mango trees, 1 olive tree, an orange tree, blueberry bushes, mandarin tree, coffee field, papaya plants and a garlic field.

  • We donated 46 meals to families in our local area that needed a helping hand.

Wishing you all a very festive holiday.

The team are now having a 10 day break with their families and will see you again from the 3rd January.

Written by Chloe Cobb