Recycling with Eco Freaks Emporium

June 26, 2019 By ecofreaks Off

Whilst we still encourage people to refuse, reduce and reuse before they recycle sometimes we still have the opportunity to deal with the problems and items already in the system. We have teamed up with Terracycle and become a collection point. The schemes we have chosen also help raise money for causes and since we work closely with the Trash Café to reduce food waste we believe the benefits and monies raised should be given to them. Trash Café, plan to use future fundraising for a commercial composter and their training kitchen.

Here’s what we recycle –

Any Brand of baby food pouch, food pouch lids and Ella’s Kitchen branded snack packaging.

Any brand of crisp packets, please check out the poster below though to see what is not accepted.

The RB® Hygiene Home Recycling Programme

Recycle your dishwashing, cleaning and fragrance flexible packaging.

Biscuit, cracker and cake bar plastic wrappers – any brand can be recycled.

Confectionery wrappers that can be recycled.

Any brand of nuts, any brand of crisps, and brand of pretzels and any brand of popcorn.

We are also waiting to be accepted on other recycling programmes but we hope you can join us with the above.